Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law


If you are facing a difficult financial time, where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, we can help you to find debt relief, many times bankruptcy is a valid legal answer. Let’s set a personal confidential appointment to have an assessment of your situation. You have a legal tool that can help you to put the debt in perspective and be able to regain your financial freedom. Contact us let us go over with you about your legal strategies that can help you to move on in your life.


Chapter 7 “Last Resource”, a very complex chapter and must be to be used as the last truly last resource, end result of this chapter is to try to save the clients assets and have their debt forgiven or discharged. Sometimes we assimilate this to the end of the civil or financial life of a client to be reborn without the burden of the debt.


Chapter 11 “Business Protection”, facing excessive amount of debt, this chapter will help your small business to regain control of your financial life. Under this chapter we can help your business with a reorganization plan, remain in control of the business assets and setting a reasonable payment plan for a period of time.


Chapter 13 “Repayment plan”, basically an affordable payment plan to try to pay off creditors within a reasonable period of time. Ideal to deal with several creditors or help with a foreclosure proceeding. This plan is affordable because is based upon the client’s balance sheet (Income vs Expenses).  Same as Chapter 12 “Repayment plan for Family Farmers”


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