A SHORT SALE is a workout alternative to a Sheriff Sale or a Foreclosure, where Lenders have the opportunity for recouping more of their principal from the sale of the property than from a foreclosure. Through our Firm, Sellers and Realtors get and experienced Attorney who helps with the Short Sale process and to negotiate an approval with the lender.


We will handle all aspects of the Short Sale Process, including:

  • Obtaining the Realtor´s máximum commission
  • Reviewing and negotiating offers
  • Assisting to obtain the best possible offer
  • Gathering personal and financial information
  • Preparing and submitting the Short Sale package
  • Challenging Appraisal or Broker Price Opinion
  • Updating information to the parties
  • Negotiating counteroffers between the parties
  • Explaining the process to the parties and following up with them
  • Reviewing tax implication with the seller
  • Negotiating with all lien holders intitle to reach a reasonable settlement.

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