Will and Estate Law

Anytime a client dies leaving Real Estate behind, for a Realtor to sell their properties, it is necessary to open the decedent person´s Estate. This includes distributing assets in accordance with Will & Trusts and other estate planning documents. Probate is a process many people try to avoid, but it is a process that most Estates pass through and will be in the best interest of the client if it is handled by an experienced attorney.


We will handle aspects of the probate process including:

  • Ensuring a smooth closing 
  • Valuing assets 
  • Preparing final tax returns 
  • Identifying debts and making arrangements with creditors 
  • Preparing the family settlement agreement 
  • Distributing the estate 
  • Will 
  • Probate Administration 
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Living Wills (Healthcare Directives)

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